The STWA-22 is a tiltable wall mount for LED/LCD TV.
No more awkwardly squeezing yourself between the wall and your heavy TV while trying to install your TV on the wall!
Its design in 3 easy steps:
1) Choose the position of the wall adapter, accounting for the size of your TV, and bolt it to the wall with the included fasteners;
2) Bolt both vertical rails to the rear of your TV;
3) Throw the strap hooks with your TV onto the panel on the wall. Install the screws into the planks and fixed them! Now your TV is securely fixed!

It has been carefully developed to ensure an easy installation even by a non-professional requiring minimum tools.

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Description STWA-22

Additional information

Mount Place




VESA Pattern MIN


VESA Pattern MAX


Distance from Wall

54 mm / 2.12"

Tilt Angle

+5° … -15°

Recommended TV Sizes

10" – 50"

Maximum TV Weight

50 kg / 110 lbs


260 x 230 x 54 mm / 10,23” x 9,06” x 2,13”

Net weight

0,84 kg / 1,85 lbs


Wall panel STWA-22 1 pcs
Bracket Left 1 pcs
Bracket Right 1 pcs
Washer 4 pcs
Screw M4x20 4 pcs
Screw M5x20 4 pcs
Screw M6x20 4 pcs
Screw 6,0х50 4 pcs
Dowel 10×50 4 pcs

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